Exotic Leather Handbags, Purses, Wallets, Briefcases and other accessories...

Exotic Leather Handbags, Purses, Wallets, Briefcases and other accessories...

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All our handmade products are of highest quality, genuine leathers and whether it's crocodile, snakeskin or stingray, all of them are expertly preserved skins. Each one is perfectly finished and vividly colored to compliment the rich textures of the original hides. If you are looking for that special accessory to accent your luxury lifestyle, you will be proud to own one of these extraordinary products. If you are looking for a one of a kind, special handmade gift, you will find something here that is just perfect. For example, take a look at Arkadia, our stingray leather handbag in a classic style, elegant and unforgettable. Or, check out the Electra snakeskin purse, just asking to be touched and examined more closely to appreciate the expertly preserved pattern of this exotic leather. To add to the pleasure of giving and receiving, each gift comes in an elegant box covered in silk. There is always something new in our Exotic Leather Store, so bookmark us, and come back here whenever you need something special.

Beautiful Thai silk boxes!! 

Luxury gifts in elegant boxes. That's perfect connection. All boxes are covered with silk and come in three colors; gold, silver and red. Your every purchase of wallet, purse or other small items will be sent to you in one of these boxes free of charge

Crocodile Leather Purse Amazonia 

It would be hard to overstate the elegant simplicity of this crocodile leather purse. It's a classic design where the light brown color accentuates the crocodile patterns, while its rich finish shines in the night light of your favorite restaurant.

Stingray-Leather-Wallet - Joe Black 2 

A man's stingray leather wallet in the classic black. This is the most popular among stingray wallets. The white eye on this color give the most radical contrast. What matters is simplicity and funcionality. The beauty of this stingray wallet will keep for a very long time.

Stingray Leather Long Wallet Blue Sky 

The stingray leather wallet "Blue Sky" is skillfully colored in aquamarine blue with the pearl white eye pattern at its center. This handsomely done exterior opens to reveal compartments for bills, cards, ID or photos, as well as a zippered pocket.

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