About Us

We love exotic leather goods.

Tropical Leather is a store that offers only the highest quality fashion accessories made from exotic leather with a focus on crocodile an alligator leather. All leathers are expertly dyed and tanned to achieve maximum softness, pliability and durable saturated colors while preserving natural texture and feel of these exquisite ancient hides.

Every products inside lining, pockets, clips and other details are perfectly integrated with the products and designed to achieve perfect  functionality for the everyday use. Our unparalleled Crocodile and other Exotic Leather products are considered to be the best in quality, design and ultimate customer satisfaction.

Our top priority is to deliver only the highest quality products and the cases of refund (we respect full refund policy) are exceptional.


Stingray (Dasyatis Bleekeri) and Hardwick's Sea Snake (Lapemis Hardwickii) are neither threatened nor endangered species, (they are not listed on C.I.T.E.S) and commercial activities regarding products made of these animals are free of limitations. The crocodile leather comes from domestically raised crocodiles (crocodile farms) in Thailand.

All the products we offer in Tropical Leather Store were manufactured from the leathers acquired only from legal commercial activities i.e. respectively from crocodile and snake animal breeding farms in Thailand. Stingray leather comes from commercial open-sea fishing in the Gulf of Thailand and other Seas in Indochina.